Monday, April 27, 2015

Reflection #8/40

In college I did not take very good care of myself, in that I ate horribly, had no sort of regular sleep schedule, and did not exercise.

I had a meal card, but at that time the meal cards only had a certain dollar amount per day and didn’t carry over. So you couldn’t just buy what you wanted one day and then skip lunch the next day; that would have been handy, because I frequently missed meals. I would say I probably missed breakfast every day for about 98% of my college career, and I only made it to that 2% because I had stayed up all night. Anyway, the cards didn’t carry over, so if you wanted to get a bag of Tostitos and a jar of cheese dip for lunch, you couldn’t, because it was too expensive. So I would get a bag of Tostitos one day and a jar of cheese dip the next.

I don’t know if we had the food pyramid back then, but if we did I was unaware of it.

Skipping all those meals left me hungry, so at night, generally sometime around 3 in the morning, I often went to Denny’s and got a club sandwich, seasoned fries, a side of honey mustard, and a root beer. I would sit at Denny’s and talk with my friends for hours, then go back to the dorm and sleep as long as I could until I had to go to class. I had a belief, then, that circadian rhythms were for suckers.

I remember one time I had stayed up all night, and then stayed up the next day, and felt exhausted and delirious, so I vowed to go to bed early, and forced myself to go to bed at midnight.

That was when I was young. Now it’s just after 11:00 pm and I feel sleepy, and I wish I hadn’t eaten so much for dinner, and I want to get this done so I can go to bed.

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